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Chamber Goes Green with Everyone’s Collective

Everyone’s Collective is an eco-friendly specialty store providing convenient and affordable access to plastic-free everyday goods and sustainability workshops that help customers become planet-friendly consumers. From reusable paper towels and shampoo bars to plastic-free makeup and detergent, Everyone’s Collective is a one-stop shop for helping reduce your environmental impact. But more than that, Everyone’s Collective (E Co. for short) is a safe space to discover and learn about our local and global communities. We will be collaborating with local businesses, organizations, and schools to co-create workshops and camps with the ultimate goal of increasing community members’ recognition of environmental issues (local and global) and propensity to resolve or act on those issues. The decisions being made on behalf of our planet today – either good or bad – are largely deciding the fate of our tomorrow. To ensure a sustainable and abundant future, habitable and safe for all, we believe it’s time to engage the communities and stakeholders – most notably rural towns and young people – who have been historically left out of the conversation and empower them with the tools to make a difference together. That is what we hope to achieve with Everyone’s Collective. 

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