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Police Chief Woolford Shared Tornado News and Safe Harbor Program

The tornado the night before didn’t stop Police Chief Woolford from talking at Issues & Eggs this morning.

He shared with the group of more than 30 people news from the tornado. Most of the damage was done to businesses, but a few people were hurt and were being treated. Heller Motors, Super 8, Baby Bull’s Travel Center, BP, Shell and Wal-mart were among the businesses damaged. The Rec Plex was also hit. Fences are down and a small building is gone.

He also talked about a new program called Safe Harbor, which is to begin on July 1. The innovative program is directed at helping heroin addicts receive treatment for their addiction. It is modeled after a program in Dixon, IL.

Under the new program addicts can come to the police department, turn in their drugs, and get treatment immediately. That instant acceptance is crucial to recovery, but it often doesn’t happen as people have to wait for insurance approval. The police department is working with 12 recovery centers around the state to get people into treatment immediately. The program, which will have negligible costs, will hopefully make the job of the Pontiac police easier when dealing with the opiate crisis.

Chief Woolford stated that the police department responds to several opiate overdoses every week and that the problem is across all age groups.

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